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How We Care

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

At Antalex Inc., our socially-responsible business practices and locally supported causes are good for business, good for the environment, and good for the communities where we live and work.

Good for the Environment:

We source recycled content

Steel is anywhere from 27%–72% recycled content, the exact amount dependent on vendor, type of steel, and specific components. Hardboard backs are made from 100% recycled wood fibre content, making it SFI certified.

We manufacture with minimal waste

In one year, we purchase approximately 450,000 lbs of sheet steel and product; only 9% of it is waste scrap, all of which is diverted to recycling.

We reduce hazardous waste production

We use powder-coating technology on our steel paint lines, eliminating the emissions and hazardous wastewater created in standard painting. On our wood products, we use low VOC water-based paint.

We reduce our carbon footprint

Using recyclable corner boards and steel strapping versus cartoning and consolidating orders means more product on a single truck.

We recycle and reuse

We reuse pallets and packaging from our suppliers and wood cut offs from manufacturing as packing material to protect new fixtures during shipping. We recycle everything: from the usual paper and plastic to the corrugated cardboard, light bulbs, and outdated computers.

Good for Business:

We have environmental stewards

Each of our offices employs an environmental coordinator to ensure compliance, reporting, and employee training are always up to date.

We conduct environmental and health and safety audits

We conduct an audit on all chemicals used in every one of our facilities: manufacturing, distribution, and offices. In the past 3 years, we have switched to less hazardous materials in our production processes, building maintenance, tool and die, and lawn care.

We practice what we preach

In a series of recent remodels, we designed all our office locations to be open concept, to capitalize on natural light, and to reflect energy-efficient lighting off the ceiling. At our head office, we took these changes to the roof: we invested in purchasing and installing almost 300 solar panels covering a total of just over 21,500 square feet. Since installation, we have generated 1.5x more energy than we consume at that one location.

Good for the Community:

Our shared values on sustainability led us to partner with Earth Rangers, providing financial and program support. We share their vision in getting everyone to acknowledge and choose daily actions that protect the biodiversity of our planet and keep it thriving.

A chance encounter between Luisa and the team at Ernestine’s has led to a long-term relationship that has grown from the first food drive to clothing swaps, hosting seasonal activity craft days for the children at the shelter, and financial support for programs like ‘Skills Exchange’. We support Ernestine’s in their mission to educate women and children on their rights and provide them with the resources and support they need to recover and build a new life.

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