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Metal Manufacturing Leads the Industrial Restaurant Design Charge

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Like everything else, restaurant design is an ever-changing thing. From the German-inspired beer hall to the pseudo art gallery to the rustic cottage diner, the prevailing style dictating the hottest concepts in restaurant design is a moving target.

Among the current headliners, we find a preponderance of eateries whose interiors could double as factory spaces. That means exposed lightbulbs, bare-and-proud-of-it brick walls, unabashedly exposed kitchens, and lots and lots of metal.

This is the age of “industrial chic,” a restaurant-design trend marked by a blending of the lines between straight-up and functional manufacturing space and professional-grade restaurant.

Sometimes referred to as “manufactured authenticity,” this aesthetic might arguably have entered our midst due to restaurateurs conserving their coin in their corporate construction. Bare-bones concrete walls and sheet metal interiors are a lot more affordable than many of the lusher restaurant designs we’ve cycled through in years past. Lily-white tablecloths don’t come cheap, after all.

And although it’s arguably been popular since as far back as 2007, industrial chic achieved its staying power during the recession.

More than that, though, consumers have expressed a decided fondness for industrialized ambiances. Perhaps people feel less intimidated eating their meals in a stripped-down environment that doesn’t ask them to rise to a cloth-napkin standard.

Or maybe the best explanation for the current fashion in restaurant design is simply ego. After all, everybody looks good inside the amber-hued glow cast by dangling Edison bulbs bouncing off aluminum and stainless steel.

Keen to board the industrialized train? We can get you there. Antalex Inc. has extensive experience in outfitting restaurant kitchens and customer dining areas.

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