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Choosing a CNC Machinist

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

There’s no shortage of factors worthy of consideration when choosing a CNC machining supplier. After all, your job is a special, demanding task that calls for nothing less than a machinist who can apply the very height of precision and care. Determining which vendor is up to the task of seeing it through is fastidious, important work.

Here’s some help. Look for a company that:

• has got up-to-date technology. Its investment in the latest-and-greatest is a significant declaration to the world of its dedication to the craft.

• has been in business for some time. In an era when many machine shops have gone out of business or changed hands, those that have survived could only do so by recruiting or retaining skilled operators and delivering consistent value.

• is proud enough of its work that it regularly showcases it on social media.

• has a rich backdrop of demonstrated experience working with a range of different materials, including aluminum, stainless steel, and all manner of exotic alloys.

• has access to a reasonably diverse selection of machining capabilities. After all, the more a single company can offer, the less likely you will need to outsource your work to multiple companies.

• can lay claim to some design capability, that you do your own design work notwithstanding. A machinist who designs and can make changes to models and redline prints is a superior machinist to one who cannot.

• engages in “lights out manufacturing.” This practice of employing CNC equipment around the clock, including unattended overnight shifts, can dramatically decrease OEM lead times and parts costs.

And so, along with the usual quartet of quality, delivery, turnaround, and price, a CNC machining supplier needs to have all kinds of demonstrated esoteric chops to handle your work. Choose with care.

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