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Antalex Embraces the Earth

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

At Antalex, we have strong feelings about a lot of things. The quality of our product, for one. The level of integrity we feel about our relationships, for another. And, finally, about the planet we inhabit.

It's why we align ourselves so passionately with socially responsible external organizations that are committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship. One of our favourites is Earth Rangers.

Through financial and program support, we demonstrate our mutual interest in this spirited non-profit's dedication to empowering children to improve the health of the Earth.

Building on kids' natural connection to wildlife, Earth Rangers engages in a range of activities designed to cultivate an appreciation for the scarcity of our natural resources within children. And through a positive, science-based message delivered via live presentations (its school outreach program visits 550+ Canadian schools a year), along with a dynamic website (Canada's largest online environmental community for kids), the charity motivates hundreds of thousands of youngsters to get involved in protecting animals and their habitats.

Here at Antalex, we share this vision. As an Earth Ranger partner, we are keen to share the organization's message that changing some of our everyday habits to make them more sustainable will help preserve our planet's precious biodiversity and protect the survival of Canada's endangered species.

Indeed, our socially responsible business practices are as good for us as they are for the community we occupy, and we couldn't feel more strongly about our role as a "corporate Earth Ranger."

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