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Design + Detail

Our design and detailing teams are experts and work with you to value engineer and bring ideas to life. We ensure that form is functional and practical whether it is one component or complete unit.

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In over 30,000 square feet of dedicated manufacturing space, Antalex Inc. is known for manufacturing products that continuously exceed client expectations of quality and value for dollar.

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With Antalex Inc. it doesn’t end at fabrication. With our own logistics team and partnerships with a network of carriers, we manage all your logistical needs.

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Whether it’s a local, regional, or national project we carefully select a team that suits your needs every time with access to an entire on-demand localized network of experienced staff.

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About Us

antalex video youtubeAntalex Inc. is a premier custom metal and plastic fabrication facility working with a broad range of sectors including specialized retail, automotive showrooms, architectural firms, healthcare and hospitality. A business with over 10 years experience in manufacturing and fabrication, we are an industry leader and work with our clients to transform metal and plastics into anything we can imagine together and deliver ‘value for dollar’.

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Custom Metal Fabrication

From fastners to custom furniture and décor, we have the versatility and capability to punch, form, weld, laser cut, assemble and paint or powder coat metal substrates into anything we can imagine.

Custom Plastic Fabrication

Having the capability to manufacture in acrylic, polycarbonate, high impact polystyrene and PVC to name a few, gives us the flexibility with shape and colour to create one of a kind and large volume production pieces.

Made In Canada

For low volume orders you can be certain knowing your product was designed and manufactured in Canada. Unlike our competitors, we can do it all for you from design, manufacture and installation.

Mass Production

We are not brokers. What sets us apart is we design, engineer and prototype your piece in Canada and leverage our partnerships to mass produce, getting you the most competitive price without sacrificing local Canadian customer service.

Latest News

Picking Your Metal Manufacturer

To pick the best manufacturer for the custom metal project you just know will set your retail, automotive, architectural, health-care or hospitality environment alight, you need to bear a few things in mind. Price is just one of them. After all, it’s more than just economics that should inform such a decision. Everyone’s got a… Read More




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